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I have loved connecting with people since I was a little girl.  My dream was to be an actress on Broadway with a hit play making people laugh every night. 


Somewhere along the way, I fell into the field of speech-language pathology.  Actually, it was more like I took a wrong turn, tripped, bumped into a wall, and fell, but it was one of the best falls I could have ever taken!  Being a speech therapist has given me the ability to use my humor an8d theatrics to connect with people of all ages.  What's more is that my role has the incredible byproduct of witnessing change and growth in the lives of the wonderful individuals I've worked with over the last 17 years.

I'm also proud to say that I'm Italian-American and consider myself blessed to be a part of a beautiful culture with beautiful traditions.  I have a wonderful family that is made up of unique characters who have always been inspiration for what I create.


My love for writing, theatre, and making people laugh has never changed and it's time to start the journey of turning my dreams into a reality.  In addition to this personal blog and my continued work as a speech therapist, I am working on a full-length stage play that celebrates the unconditional love, passion and drama that comes along with being a part of an Italian-American family.  


Gina Marie Buonomo is based on Long Island, New York

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