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The Assistant Formally Known As Gina

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

When I look back at my blog posts, there's one from November 2021 that describes my experience visiting The Stanley Theatre to see The Uncle Louie Variety Show, a comedy duo that I discovered in the early phases of COVID lockdown. I said they were amazing people and that I had a great time during my whole stay, even in the dive bar with questionable music.

I'm not the only one to say this about Lou and Carlo, but I immediately felt like I had known them my whole life after I met them. It stems from how personable they are and how accurately they portray Italian patriarchs; you just can't help but see in them your fathers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, and cousins. However, I also have a little bit of "witchy" side to me and I "knew" when I first met them and their manager, Tony, that I was going to end up working with them in some capacity.

Fast forward to May 2022. One of the guys (::cough cough:: Carlo) posted a graphic showing their tour dates on their personal Facebook page, and, honestly, I had an unpleasant physical reaction. I said to myself, "Is he serious with this?" During my tenure providing tele-therapy, I had to teach myself a lot of things, including graphic design, so I figured that the travesty of a graphic could be saved with a little bit of my creativity and initiative. I got to work making a new tour banner, sent it to the guys, and that's how I ended up as Tony's assistant.

Fast forward again to now. The last thing I ever expected was to actually be working shows with them, but I do from time to time and it's a good fit. I recently joined them on their huge weekend of sold out shows in the mid-west with Frank Spadone, and, boy, was that something. I laughed more than I ever laughed before, built friendships, and occasionally wanted to slap a few people, but the latter is something that happens regularly for me, unfortunately, especially when dealing with men.

Tony had tour jackets made for us as a special gift. He broke the news to me about mine when I arrived at the first venue on Friday: "So, everyone's jacket has their name embroidered on it and they all came out perfect...except yours. Yours says 'Giana'. But I swear, I sent the correct spelling to the guy. Look! I have the text to prove it!" And he held up his phone to show me that he did, in fact, spell my name correctly and it was just an unfortunate mistake. I put it on, wrong name and all, and it proceeded to get black dye and fuzzies all over my shirt. Between the wrong name and the clothing stains, I "forgot" to put it on that night at the show. I did feel bad about it, and I know I sound like a bitch. It was something thoughtful that another person did for me, but this story has a good ending, I promise.

On day two of our journey, I was given a pink rose to keep with me and brighten up my hotel rooms. By the end of the trip to Indiana, I had an official tour name bestowed upon me by the crew. One that I've grown to like more than my own actual name: Giana Rose.

It's pretty, right?!

I shall henceforth be known as Giana Rose whenever I am working a show with Tony, Lou, and Carlo and I will wear my jacket with pride.

And Tony, if you're reading this, I added a little something of my own...

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