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In Your Face

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

I like to think I'm a good communicator. For starters, my full-time profession involves teaching people how to communicate. Then there's my passion for writing which allows me to communicate in written form. I enjoy finding different ways to express ideas and tell stories to keep readers engaged and entertained. Now, take all my words, and tack on my very expressive face. It comes in handy when I'm teaching or having a conversation.

I’m also very open and honest. I will usually tell you what I’m thinking. I'm not afraid to share my feelings, but I don't offer unsolicited advice and I know when to be quiet. However, if you want an honest opinion about something or need constructive input, I'm your girl.

There are times where even I am at a loss for words, and when that happens, you can usually figure out what I’m thinking or feeling based on the expression on my face. While most of my expressions are generally pleasant or comical, there’s one that might stop you in your tracks for a second. I’ve become more aware of it over the last year due to the barrage of Zoom meetings that left me forced to look at myself on screen, in a box all day.

I’ve often heard it referred to as “Resting Bitch Face”. Most recently, I was told I was wearing a “F-ck You Face”. That reference took me off-guard at first. So, I thought about it for a minute. "Do I really look like I'm telling someone to f-ck off?" because that wasn't my intention. Also, the person who said it is a nice, sweet person, so I knew he wasn't insulting me. In that particular situation, I was simply appalled at what I was looking at and listening to.

As I thought about it more, I realized my friend was probaby right. I knew the expression he was talking about. Most of the time, when I'm wearing this "face", it’s because I’m experiencing one or more of the following things:

a) tiredness

b) boredom

c) pain

d) mild-to-moderate annoyance

e) shock

f) disgust from touching something sticky or wet.


g) assault by an odor.

The aforementioned emotions/feelings are usually accompanied by one or more of the following thought(s):

In the event of A & C:

  • Everyone is on my nerves and I need a nap.

And for the remaining choices:

  • Am I really listening to this?

  • Am I really seeing this?

  • I am, in fact, listening to and/or seeing this.

  • I cannot believe that I am really listening to and/or seeing this.

  • I do not have the patience for this and need it to end as soon as possible.

  • What the hell did I just touch?

  • What the hell is that smell?

I am henceforth referring to my unpleasant, borderline scary, expression as my “Are-You-Effing-Serious-Right-Now? Face”. It's quite useful for a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to:

I’m in the middle of a pleasant event and I feel a flare-up slowly creeping in:


I only got 4 hours of sleep, have to work a 8 hour day, none of my students are absent and two of them are screaming:


My GPS tells me that it will take 50 minutes to travel 10 miles:


I’m in a group conversation and someone is talking incessantly for 10 minutes straight, about a wide range of inappropriate topics, and doesn't stop to take a breath:


My son decided to eat all of my gluten free Oreos and left the empty package in the pantry:


I return to work after surgery to find my treatment space in utter disarray and someone stole my chair:


The CDC changes its guidance on isolation for the 15th time in 2 weeks:


The NYC DOE lessens COVID policies when everyone and their sisters are getting sick with this virus and schools are half empty:


I'm working on a blog post and have been staring at a flashing cursor for 20 minutes because I don't know how to end it:


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